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Jr. Sport's Massage - $30 (30 min.)

For children ages 7-17. Football - Baseball - Soccer - Basketball - Dance - Help your child's endurance and performance with Massage, Stretching and Heat. Benefits from the Jr. Sport's Massage include an increase in flexibility, reduction in muscle tension and inflammation, relief from spasms and pain, and injury prevention.

Swedish Massage - $65 (60 min)

A classic massage, promoting relaxation and easing tension.

Esalen - $75 (60 min)

Full body massage designed for our guests who prefer a firmer pressure using long, slow, t’ai chi-like strokes. Each session is unique and tailored to the individual - very intuitive. Known as "wellness/stress management massage", you will regain a sense of harmony, reverence and balance. Read More...

Heated Stone - $75 (60 min)

Smooth heated stones are utilized to massage the body. The heat of the stones penetrates the muscles to release tension, stress and tightness providing a soothing and profound state of relaxation. Read More...

Neuromuscular - $75 (60 min)

This technique manipulates soft tissue through deep pressure. An ideal treatment for relieving tension and pain in or around the head, neck, shoulders and lower back. Read More...

Pregnancy Massage - $75 (60 min)

A gentle massage for mommy-to-be utilizing special pillows to position you comfortably as we relax your tense muscles and reduce your stress. Read More...

Reflexology - $65 (60 min)

This form of massage applies pressure to specific points of the hands and feet to promote balance and deep relaxation to your entire body. Read More...

Target Massage - $45 (30 min)

This massage concentrates on specific areas of your body that need special attention. Read More...

Ultimate Massage - $100 (90 min)

The ultimate massage experience designed for those who love to pamper themselves. Any of the techniques listed above can be combined for your needs. Read More...

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